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Welcome to Et Interiors, where we design homes for families as well as businesses in an organized and non-stressful manor. Working with Et Interiors will enable you to continue your personal life as usual as you will not be consumed by the stress of your new project. Using a detailed process we create a clear and concise binder which includes every design detail of your new home or business project. 

I will help you envision and bring your project to life within your investment level and on time. This will alleviate much of the uncertainty that surrounds many projects and will remove the burden from unnecessary miscommunications with your builder. Your project will be executed in a stress-free fun environment that will turn your once dreaded dreams into a realistic stress-free completion.

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Our  Design Process:


Every project starts with meeting me, Et Taub. I meet with you and all decision makers (spouse, significant other, and everyone else you may have a whatss app chat with!) to discuss your project, your design esthetic, time frame and project investment amount (in other words your budget!) This initial meeting can last up to two hours and is considered a working appointment where we freely give of our knowledge, insights and suggestions. This shall provide you with valuable information, create clarity for you and give you a good idea of where you want to go with your project and how we may move forward together. This first valuable meeting always saves you time, money and mistakes moving forward. It is the starting point of all good design. 


After contract is signed we start making things happen. During this stage, we measure, take before photos, identify all meaningful furnishings (if it’s a decorating job) and meet with all our and your trusted vendors and workmen who need to see, evaluate, give input and provide estimates for their portion of the job. If this is new home construction we review plans, meet with the architect and the builder. Other tradesman we meet along the way are painters, window treatment workroom, millworkers, electrician, plumber, wall paperer etc. 


Where the magic (and the hard work) happens

With all of the information we obtained and gathered during the initial conversations with you, added together with an additional meeting or email of inspiration pictures and ideas to make sure we fully understand your taste and aesthetic, we begin drawing up initial plans and create your design. We select, get samples, research and pull together all of the details of your project. This is stage one of your project where we build your client binder.


We meet with you and present all of our exciting finds and designs! During this time, we also review the projected total spend and include any invoices we have gathered. We note any changes or re-selections that might be needed and wrap up our meeting with a very clear and concise full design package. 



We handle the entire ordering process for you making it easy, efficient and manageable! All the necessary purchase orders and created, double checked for accuracy of selections, sizes and detail. The status of the orders is closely monitored, tracked and set up for delivery as your contractor needs the items. We collaborate with all contractors, fabricators or tradespeople and manage all details during the construction or installation phases. Site visits to check the progress and quality are all arranged by us. We check on the project in its busy state a few times a week or when we are notified by the contractor.

Phase 2:


Once the project is running on time and the construction part of the process is at a good point we move on to the fun part of the project. We start selecting all the finishes of the house. This can include furniture for all the living areas, bedrooms, discuss paint and wallpaper options, kitchen furnishings etc.We are present by all installation and delivery days. Et or a junior designer will be there when the Lighting, wallpaper and furniture gets delivered and installed to insure proper installation.

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